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ZKTeco Biometric Attendance Machine price in Pakistan Lahore

Biometric machine Price in Pakistan

CCTV CENTER is a leading non-IT electronics security equipment company based in Lahore Pakistan. We provide all security-related solutions. A biometric attendance system is trending nowadays. We provide a biometric attendance machine price in Pakistan Lahore. Biometric attendance systems are a great invention of time unlike conventional attendance marking systems like manually on pages or copies. By buying a biometric attendance machine, you will be able to mark the attendance of your employees or students with the help of a fingerprint. 

Nobody can cheat this system as it involves the physical presence of a person for marking attendance. Biometric machine price in Pakistan is also becoming low as compared to other countries as we are getting the product from China at a low price. We are a Lahore-based company and provide biometric machine price in Pakistan with installation and configurations for all employees or students in schools, colleges, and universities classrooms.

Let us discuss a few features of a famous machine made by Zkteco. There are mainly 5 to 6 Models that are making famous in the market. Zkteco K50, Zkteco MB20, Zkteco MB460, and Uface 800 are famous models. Let’s discuss the price of these models and their features.

Features & Zkteco K50 Price in Pakistan

K50 is a very good biometric machine made by Zkteco. This is the simplest machine for an office or school for fingerprint biometric attendance. The machine has a 2.8 inches LCD/TFT screen.

K50 has a 3000 fingerprint capacity in it. There is another mode of attendance in this machine which is ID card attendance.  It has a 3000 ID card capacity as well. So it has 3000 user capacity. The record capacity of this machine is 10,000. Communication of this machine is through TCP/IP and USB port in it. 


You can transfer data from these ports in this K50 machine. The backup battery is also installed in this so you can mark attendance in load-shedding also. The power needed to operate this is 12V, 1.5A which is very low. It can perform all functions from 0-45 degree Celsius. Humidity is also a factor for electronic devices. You can operate at 20%-40% humidity. Let us discuss the ZKteco k50 price in Pakistan. 

Zkteco K50 Price in Pakistan is approximately 20,000 rupees. It can be changed when you are reading this article as price changes apply anytime.

Features & ZKTeco MB20 Price in Pakistan

As we all know about Coronavirus. This virus caused lots of destruction in 2020. After that, touching the same scanner for attendance spreads the virus. Here MB20 made its way to the market. ZKTeco MB 20 is a Face attendance machine. You can mark your attendance just by appearing in front of it.  MB20 has a 200 face attendance capacity. It has a fingerprint capacity of 500. ID card capacity is 1000. The user capacity is 1000. The record capacity is 50,000.


Communication with this machine is through TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, and USB-Host.  The power required to operate MB20 is 12V, 1.5A which is minor. ZKTeco MB20 can perform all functions from 0-45 degree Celsius. Humidity is also a factor for electronic devices like this. You can operate at 20%-40% humidity. ZKTeco MB20 price in Pakistan is 22,000 rupees. This price can be changed.

Features & ZKTeco MB460 Price in Pakistan

ZKTeco MB460 is an extended model of MB20. It has the same feature with better capacity. MB460 has a face capacity of 1500. It has a fingerprint capacity of 2000. The user capacity is 2000. A record capacity of 100,000. Communication is a bit similar to MB20 ports. The power required is also the same. The humidity range is 20%-40% humidity.


It has an extra-featured model with battery backup. Zkteco MB460 price in Pakistan is 38000. This price can also be changed.

Biometric machine price in Pakistan can be found lower also. Other brands’ prices are lower, but the quality of the machines is not good. I will recommend you buy only the ZKTeco brand for reliability.

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