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CCTV WIFI camera price in Pakistan is the most searched query nowadays at search engines like Google, being, and others. Before we discuss this most famous query let’s dive into the ocean of WIFI camera features and then we will provide crucial details of Wireless camera prices in Pakistan. People don’t have knowledge of every field which we have to deal with in life. CCTV CENTER will educate you about the CCTV camera field and you will be confident enough to decide what to buy from the market.

What are WIFI Cameras?

There was technology that was based on wires of CCTV Cameras and their operation is based on wires of these cameras. Conventional analog and IP cameras run on CCTV cable and Cat 6 cable for IP cameras. Their function is many times interrupted by the breakage of wire by some external force like getting hit by a vehicle, human being, and other moving objects. Some it is bitten by rats in the house, office, and other sites. Therefore the 24/7 security got interrupted by these things.

WIFI camera is the solution to this issue normally faced in daily life. These WIFI cameras are operated through your WIFI in the house and office etc.  WIFI provision is necessary to condition for the installation of WIFI camera.  You will connect the camera to your internet router and will have access to these cameras through the online view. The online view is obtained by internet connectivity only.

Imou Cruiser 4mp Price in Pakistan
Imou Cruiser 4mp Price in Pakistan

What are Wireless cameras?

 People normally consider WIFI cameras and wireless cameras the same thing. Technically these two are different CCTV cameras.  WIFI cameras are cameras that do not need CCTV or network cable, but they need a power cable for their operation. WIFI cameras are not wireless cameras.  You may have searched on Google for CCTV WIFI camera prices in Pakistan thinking that they are wireless cameras. Wireless CCTV camera prices in Pakistan for WIFI cameras, but actually these are not the same thing.

Wireless cameras are those cameras that do not require a single piece of cable for their operation. This wireless camera will be self-dependent. It has a built-in battery for power up. This camera known as a wireless camera was made and introduced by Dahua technology.  It is known as IMOU Cell 2 camera.

Let’s discuss the whole new series of WIFI cameras and Wireless cameras in the market.

IMOU Camera and IMOU Camera price in Pakistan

Dahua was making WIFI cameras for its user for many years. These cameras were expensive. Then Dahua introduced a whole new series under the brand name IMOU.  This IMOU has a whole new branch of its operation. IMOU cameras are now getting the attention of buyers rapidly.  The most searched CCTV camera queries include Imou camera price in Pakistan, Imou cruiser price in Pakistan, Imou ranger 2 prices in Pakistan, Imou bullet 2E price in Pakistan, and Imou bullet 2C price in Pakistan. 

CCTV Wireless WIFI camera Price in Pakistan
CCTV Wireless WIFI camera Price in Pakistan


There are many cameras making good business in the market. Let us discuss the main feature and price individually. 

IMOU Cruiser 4MP Price in Pakistan with features

Now Imou cruiser price in Pakistan is changing on daily basis. This camera is the most wanted camera buy every buy due to its fabulous features. These features include 360-degree rotation, a Waterproof camera, built-in siren, built-in mic, speaker, spotlight, smart tracking, and double recording making it worth the market. Imou cruiser price in Pakistan is from 11000-13000 rupees, and Imou cruiser 4mp Price in Pakistan is 14000-16000 rupees.

IMOU Bullet 2E price in Pakistan

Now Imou bullet 2E price in Pakistan is lower than the imou cruiser price in Pakistan. The reason for this is a lesser feature of imou bullet 2E as compared to the cruiser. Imou bullet 2E does not have 360 rotation, smart tracking, and speaker. That’s why Imou bullet 2E price in Pakistan is 8,500-10,000 rupees.

IMOU Bullet 2C price in Pakistan

The Imou bullet 2C price in Pakistan is lower than Imou bullet 2E price in Pakistan. This is due to Black and white night vision, unlike 2E which provides color night vision. So imou bullet 2C Price In Pakistan is 7500-8500 rupees.

IMUO Ranger 2 Price in Pakistan

Dahua Imou ranger 2 prices in Pakistan are a little higher than Imou bullet 2C. Imou Ranger 2 is an amazing camera with human detection, and motion detection alerts. It is a 360-degree rotatable camera. This is not waterproof so it can only be used indoors. 2 way takes makes this camera a good option for indoor use.  Imou Ranger 2 Price in Pakistan is 7500-8500 Rs.

IMOU Cell 2 price in Pakistan

Dahua IMOU cell 2 price in Pakistan is much higher. It is a camera without any wires. So if you want CCTV Wireless camera price in Pakistan so will see IMOU cell 2 price in Pakistan, the only reliable camera with 6 moths battery backup. CCTV Wifi camera price in Pakistan is lower. Imou cell 2 price in Pakistan is 18,000-22,000 rupees.

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